Longview Texas Photographer

Based out of Longview, Texas the Story of Ashley Hill Photography is one that travels oceans.  As a Military wife, I was honored to follow my husband to a small town in Japan, and blessed to live there for almost three years.  Our time was spent watching in awe of the Japanese culture and beauty; the care in which every detail was taken care of.  Photographing our surroundings immediately became a must- do and I intensely fell in love.  I was trained through one of the best, taking every opportunity to find light, love and connection in the shots I was taking.  Very quickly, I learned that photographing people, in their love and life was my calling, and I have not been able to stop yet.  



I took my first photography class in Japan, because I wanted to learn to take beautiful photos of all the scenery- it was incredible.

Turns out the thing I found the most beautiful was the light.

The fascination in a new mommy's eye.

The love a husband has for his wife.

The joy in a child's face when mom and dad tickle their ribs.

That is where the beauty is for me.



We live in Hallsville with our three sweet baby girls and two dogs, General and Bandit.

We have lived in 7 homes in our 8 years of marriage.

I eat peanut butter with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I am in the provisional class for The Junior League of Longview

I love a good, rainy day. 

it makes me productive

I am not good at napping.

But I love my bed.

I use 17 alarms in the morning via 4 different alarm apps

I have read the "Mark of the Lion" series by Francine Rivers 5 times, and "Redeeming Love" 3.

My Favorite Movie is "An Affair to Remember"

I get a little serious about Scrabble.

I do not like yoga even enough to pretend to like it.

*Photo by the amazing Lindsay Steele, edited by me

I am a mother of three, a wife, and a photographer.  

I am blessed.


For more information about booking a session, please call or text (903)576-3509, use the "Contact Me" Page on my website, or e-mail me at AshleyHill@Ashleyhillphotography.info